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Seal King Installation Guide


Pressure washer or garden hose, Goggles, Rubber gloves, Stiff brush, Broom, Paint roller or Pump Sprayer.


Step One

INSPECTING. Determine which cleaning products and quantity of protective sealant is needed. This is done by thoroughly inspecting the surface to be treated and measuring the total square footage of the stone, concrete or wood.


Step Two

READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS on product labels and data sheets found on the website. We recommend reviewing the Material Safety Data Sheets found on the website (under each product page) as well.


Step Three

CLEAN all stains, spills and debris from the area you are sealing, using either a scrub brush or pressure washer. Please Note! If stains are not removed, the sealer can magnify these unwanted blemishes. Removing them will be more difficult once sealed.


Step Four

WAIT until surface is completely dry before applying Seal King sealant. Usually 24 hours is sufficient. Also make sure the polymeric sand is completely dry.


Step Five

APPLY Seal King sealant using an industrial pump sprayer or paint roller.


Step Six

BLOCK AREA TREATED. Prevent anyone or anything from contacting the treated area. Usually 4 to 24 hours, depending on the product type. (Refer to product label for suggested wait times.)


Please Note

Seal King recommends using a professional installer. Make sure that when using an installer, they have multiple years of experience or legitimate references.


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