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Certified Playground Mulch

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your exterior property? Mulch is a cost-effective way to enhance the visual appeal of flower beds and gardens. Visit our Whitby location to discover our full product range. From coloured mulches to sand and aggregate, we have the supplies to get you started.


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Landscaping Mulch

When mulch is applied to the surface of your garden, it carries a wide array of benefits:

• Conserves moisture.
• Improves the fertility and health of the soil.
• Reduces weed growth.
• Enhances the visual appearance of an area.
• Provides seasonal insulating value.
• It has a minimal impact on soil pH.

Mulch may be applied to bare soil or around existing plants. To make sure you benefit from your mulch, make sure it is at least 3 inches deep. Dyes used in red and black mulch will not be harmful to your plants, pets or children.

Mulches are sold by the cubic yard, half yard, or by the bag. Additionally, we have switched from wood chips to Playground Certified Wood Mulch.